projektowanie i aranżacja wnętrz


I have been involved with artistic activities for years. I began my adventure with the world of art with ... sports acrobatics. Then I heard the call to go towards painting, sculpture and drawing. For a while, I peeked behind the doors of music only to choose a more demanding path. Image ans space styling became the final stop of my trip. I am not going to to stop at this. Therefore, the next project is something very sophisticated ... You are welcome to find out soon.



I am inspired by timelessness. Timeless interiors are like a little black dress - they always add class and never go out of fashion. Regardless of the trends and requirements, I always follow beauty and expectations. And though the very definition of "beauty" is an individual matter, but the beauty of luxury is always synonymous with elegance and good taste. The feel, the harmony, the intuitive approach to the project make me able to meet the most sophisticated needs. The experience gained on many artistic levels allows me to skillfully draw inspiration for new solutions. My primary focus is for every order to be original, unique and consistent with your sense of aesthetics, not forgetting about the comfort and functionality. I treat each project as a new challenge.

We design and decor and we help in home staging. As an exclusive distributor, I offer you products made of fine wood, i.e. Black Oak, which is a novelty in Poland. The sublime unique wood design will certainly surprise with its form and add special value. Welcome to a journey through the world of luxury.



As in every area, also in the interior design we come up with trends that are promoted by stylists and the largest furniture brands. At present, a very popular style is modern style, in combination with industrial, glamor, Scandinavian or loft style. As it is fashionable, it comes and goes, giving way to new styles and trends. Both as a interior designer and as a more complex work and as an interior designer, I am able to offer you the services of arranging the space of the property in such a way that it takes on a timeless character. In each project I focus on not duplicating the ideas of other interior decorators. I want each space to be completely unique and delighted with its inimitable decorative and architectural solutions. In the projects of my colleagues "after work" I notice a certain monotony and concentration on a few earlier mentioned. Architecture or interior decoration is in my opinion the challenge of creating something unique, a project that combines luxury, aesthetics and uniqueness.

Bravely, there is always a classic, which does not force anybody to support the current trends. The same principle applies to Provençal, Shabby Chic, Loft, Art Deco, Colonial, and Eclectic styles. The challenge is to skillfully combine them. As an interior designer, I specialize in timeless styles, which are rare in the current projects. The most important in interior decoration is reflecting your personality and enveloping them with luxury. Everyone likes to be surrounded by beauty and in an equally unique place to stay. By paraphrasing the words "Not all gold that shines," the project will be tailored to your budget. And the end result will certainly satisfy the most demanding tastes, both you and the people in those spaces.