In composing of an appropriate and thoughtful creation, unique accessories such as jewelry play a key role. At present, many very similar designs and shapes are created on the market, which are suitable for extremely narrow clothing groups. Francescodesign companies care about unconventionality, diversity, but above all about the beauty that can be adapted to the needs of different styles. Designing jewelry that will fit a variety of creations is our passion. The jewelry we create in Wroclaw has unique designs, where the originality and uniqueness of the design is paramount.


In our wide range of jewelry in Wroclaw, there are both rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants. All is carefully thought out and appropriately made, and thanks to the knowledge of the needs of our customers, we guarantee impeccable jewelry designs. Looking at our offer ,we can get the impression that the characteristic feature is dark, its slightly suppressed hues, which resemble carbon and deep black, as well as graphite. The rings we make are distinguished by their unique texture and shape against the background of other jewelry. Designing the jewelry from scratch allowed us to manipulate its shape, which fits both elegant and everyday clothing.

The necklaces and pendants offered by us are a real treat for ladies who appreciate the variety and uniqueness of their wardrobe. Finding the right jewelry in Wroclaw can be a challenge, so we have to visit the same places and laboriously search for the perfect accessories in the darkest of designs. Our designer jewelry is unique, every design has been made from scratch, so we do not offer the same scheme in a slightly different form.

By deciding on our offer in a Wroclaw shop, you can count on professional advice on the selection of the right design for your target creation. Many of our projects are unique, so it is important that you select the right items.