Interior design and decoration

Interior design and decoration

Are you looking for a designer with a soul who will create original interiors in an unusual style? The interior design services I offer in Wrocław and many other Polish cities are a chance for an original project tailored to individual needs and expectations. As an interior designer from Wrocław, I create spaces in single-family houses, flats, apartments, and offices of all kinds, guaranteeing my clients more than just the uniqueness of styles. Having an interior arranged by a professional designer guarantees not only an appropriate combination of styles and forms, but also the well-being of the users of the designed spaces. You are most welcome to my world of interior design.

Dom w stylu modern classic Wrocław 12 - Interior design and decoration

Interior design and architecture, in line with your expectations

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My work on designing the space to be transformed begins with a detailed analysis of the Investor’s expectations and needs. During a meeting or telephone contact (in the case of a remote project), I set the project due date and the budget allocated for this purpose. It is important that processing begins with as much data as possible. Hence, it is also vital to determine the purpose of the investment. During the talks, I get to know your expectations and lifestyle. In this way, I strive to get as much data as possible to create the keenly awaited design and thereby an excellent space.

Another important step at this stage is the design and functions of individual rooms. It includes the selection of appropriate materials and creation of a moodboard for the entire project.

After determining the above information, I proceed to agree with the Investor upon the method and nature of the rooms; for this purpose, we make use of my “know-how” method in this regard.

In order to create an architectural body, it is necessary to carry out an inventory. I do it myself or develop it based on the projections sent over in the case of a remote project.



The next stage consists of arrangements, presentation of your suggestions and expectations along with my advice and concepts in the form of photorealistic visualisations. These visualisations are intended to present the designed spaces, taking into consideration previous arrangements in terms of their function, style, selected materials and functional layouts. As part of these concepts, I present various versions of the arrangement of furniture, lighting, accessories and other elements that compose the entire project. After sending the first concept, we start processing the project. We share our comments and argumentation in order to create an ideal space for you. If other versions are developed, we make corrections. Taking the first version as a starting point, we create the final one.



After the Investor has approved all the rooms, we prepare a Detailed Engineering (DE) documentation which includes:

Functional layouts

Documentation of custom-made furniture

Documentation of tiles layout

Documentation of floors and countertops

Documentation of suspended ceilings

Documentation of utilities: electricity, water and sewage

Photorealistic visualisations to complete the whole space being designed

List of products included in the project with an indication of their place and prices.



The final stage of the project processing consists in handing over the documentation in the following formats: pdf, PP – in the printed and/or electronic version.

After completing the project, I remain in touch with you. I recommend consulting any questions regarding changes to the project with its creator. In this way, you will avoid wrong decisions. This form of cooperation makes the project fit your expectations in a professional manner. For me, the care of the project does not end with the end of its processing.

It is often followed, upon the Investors’ consent, by a professional photo session which captures the collaborative process of creation of your special space.