projektowanie i aranżacja wnętrz

The style which I give to existing spaces and the ones that are in the planning stage is "tailor-made" for the people that will use them. Even the perfect suit, when it is only a fashionable trend, will never fully represent our image. It will just be something which should be worn. We all have to live somewhere. My job is to adjust the space we live in so it becomes an alcove, a place that is tailored to your needs. Not only for a while. I create based on your sophisticated expectations, as a result, the effect delights for many years.

In the search for details, I travel to a world of elegance, timeless classic, Baroque, but also we also incorporate loft, industrial style elements, not forgetting about the wonderful glamour, shabby chic, Provence and Scandinavian style. By combining some elements of styles we become eclectic. And the time travel allows to achieve the modernist style. You can see all of these styles below as Style Gallery . When I learn more about your tastes, expectations, reading between the lines, playing art, painting, images will become live details, it will let me choose the correct elements that will make your dreams come true.


I am looking forward to our unique and unforgettable meeting.