Personal Branding/Image creation


projektowanie i aranżacja wnętrz

I have been dealing with make-up and styling since 2002. I pass on the knowledge and experience I acquired over the years at training and lectures. I also participate in photographic sessions projects.

Image creation with clothing is one of the elements of a whole. The image of the person is also their personality. Everything should be consistent so that the reception is appropriate and works with a real and not dressed personality. It is easy to make a mistake. The continuation of such image can only harm both personal and professional relations. I receive people who work on a wide variety of positions and have problems in self-expression which makes it difficult for them to reach their audience. They have one thing in common, no idea for themselves and for their own image which causes that they are badly received by the environment. Let us remember that our image is our brand. So it's a good idea to search for your own style with a help of the professional.

During the consultation and practical part, I give any tips on makeup, skin care, proper clothing, accessories, styling and I show how to expose what is our strength. Accessories, details that we do not give enough attention are often the key to improve the image and they are the ones that most often tend to cause disharmony.


I would like to invite to a meeting that will help transform your image and significantly improve reception, and thus give you a sense of confidence in everyday relationships.

Francesco Design,Wizażystka-Stylistka-makijaże ślubne