A room for a girl – Warsaw

Room for girl – warszawa

The “Girl’s Room” project was designed with a young client in mind who dreamed of a cozy yet stylish space. The priority of the project was to create a space that would meet the client’s expectations while providing comfortable rest and study areas. The dominant color palette of the project includes pastel colors such as powdery beige and white. These colors are combined with light wood tones to create a pleasant, subdued atmosphere that suits various styles. The project also includes many practical solutions. The room features a comfortable bed, a wardrobe with ample storage space, and a study desk. Additionally, the project incorporates many creative elements, such as decorative pillows, garland-shaped lighting fixtures, and other decorations that add charm to the interior. All elements of the project were carefully chosen and designed with the client’s needs in mind to create a personalized and child-friendly space. As a result, a spacious, bright, and stylish room was created that perfectly meets the expectations of the young client.


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