Stylized furnitureStylish space - whether home or office - needs equipment that will give it its original character and sophisticated taste. Equipment that at the first contact becomes the showcase of our home, office and ourselves. At Francescodesign, we put your satisfaction of our products first. That's why our luxury and stylized furniture is made to suit different styles and enrich your business space. Thanks to them, a client while visiting you will feel exceptionally appreciated and will notice a high level of service and professionalism. However, nothing warms the home space as much as old stylised furniture. In their surroundings, we will feel relaxed, and the guests visiting us will experience an undisturbed sense of relaxation.


Stylized furniture for the flat

Furniture stylized to old

When planning the interior of our house, we want it to be above all beautiful and comfortable, allowing us to rest and relax in spare time. With furniture stylized for old, vintage, shabby chic and rustic style, we perfectly match your needs. Their natural design evokes warm memories and allows you to relax after a hard day work. Visiting you guests, after crossing the threshold, will feel at ease and with the greatest pleasure will spend time in such surroundings. Our stylized furniture will fill your home with unique beauty, warmth and ensure the functionality of any of its spaces.

Stylized furniture for the office

Stylized furnitureUntil recently, office furniture were associated with widespread vagueness and lack of convenience. We prove that business equipment does not have to be boring and monotonous. Furniture stylized for antiques, art deco, loft or industrial, which we offer, definitely distinguish themselves from this background and become the showcase of any office. The combination of extravagance and unique style can significantly affect the reception by the customer, and permanently - at the beginning - determine the opinion about your company. At the same time, we do not deprive our furniture, stylized as antiques, of their basic functional side. That's why they work great in everyday and basic office functions.