I am inspired by timelessness. Timeless interiors are like a little black dress - they always add class and never go out of fashion. Regardless of the trends and requirements, I always follow beauty and expectations. And though the very definition of "beauty" is an individual matter, but the beauty of luxury is always synonymous with elegance and good taste.

The feel, the harmony, the intuitive approach to the project make me able to meet the most sophisticated needs. The experience gained on many artistic levels allows me to skillfully draw inspiration for new solutions. My primary focus is for every order to be original, unique and consistent with your sense of aesthetics, not forgetting about the comfort and functionality. I treat each project as a new challenge.





In recent years, the most frequently recommended by designers style is a style that is currently trendy, i.e. modern or its combination with other styles, for example, modern glamour, modern industrial or modern loft and Scandinavian style. The thing with fashion is that it always returns along giving way to apparent new trends. I offer interior design that is trendy not only this year but for many years.

Modern designs, which you can find on the market in large quantities, are actually only a lifting of old and therefore theoretically new projects. One-track mindedness of offers on the market of interior designs leads to monotony in spaces. Most are very similar. Very often, there is nothing special about them and you will find similar solutions at your neighbor’s house. What they certainly vary in is the budget that was spent for this purpose.

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